Miracle Cream

  • FEATURES: An Intense moisture luxury cream made with a high concentration of premium high-quality ingredients. Our ingredients are naturally sourced from the country of plant origin. We use only Non-GMO organic ingredients. Made without parabens, synthetic fragrance or harsh chemicals. Miracle cream is gluten, nut, dairy, and soy free. Our preservatives are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) FDA. Miracle Cream is safe for children and never tested on animals. Vegan certified. Comes in airless pump jar to preserve ingredient potency and eliminate germs and bacteria.

  • BENEFITS: Provides intense moisture to dry cracked flaky skin, leaving skin soft, supple and smooth. Relieves itching, tingling, and pain associated with dryness. This unique cream evens out skin tone, restores cell damage and diminishes wrinkles. Our cream provides a calming effect renewing, rejuvenating, and restoring your skin back to balance. Suitable for face, delicate areas, and extreme  dry, flaky, and itchy skin.